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Kids and Chiropractic


I am sometimes asked by patients, "Do you really work on kids?” and, "Do kids really need chiropractic care?”

The answer is yes.  Kids get subluxations too.  They have spines that can get out of alignment and pinch nerves just like adults.  Eighty percent of all births cause trauma to a baby's neck.  The average child has over 200 bad falls before they are 2 years old.  As kids grow up, they continue to have spinal trauma.  The average teenager has two car accidents before they are 18.  Also, kids have bad posture at their desk in school, they carry heavy book bags and they may slouch on the couch when they are watching TV.  Stress is a major cause of pinched nerves and kids have lots of stress in school all the way from peer pressure to homework. Sporting events can cause pinched nerves in kids; hockey, football, gymnastics…all can cause pinched nerves.

So what types of conditions do kids see Chiropractors for?

1. The same aches and pains that adults get; headaches, neck pain, back pain, arm pain, leg pain, numbness in the arms and legs, vertigo, blurred vision.

2.  Bed wetting.  If the nerves that tell the bladder to stay closed are pinched, kids can wet the bed.

3.  Immune system problems: asthma, allergies, chronic head colds and sinus problems.  If the top vertebra in the spine (the atlas) gets out of alignment, it can put pressure on the spinal cord and cause lowered immune system function.

4.  ADHD, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.  If the atlas gets out of alignment it can pinch a part of the brain stem that is called the reticular formation.  This can leave the brain in a hyper active state and this can cause ADHD and hyperactivity.

5.  Ear infections.  The atlas can get out of alignment and cause the SCM muscle in the side of the neck to spasm.  This will block the drainage of the eustacian tube from the ear and this can lead to chronic ear infections.

If your child has any of the above, Chiropractic can help by getting the pressure off the pinched nerves with gentle adjustments, and allowing the body to heal better naturally.

Let Dr. Petterson know if you would like to have your kids checked for pinched nerves.   We have a policy that your family can get checked for free.

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  • "Dr.Petterson is awesome,I love the technique he uses,very gentle.I know if it wasn't for Dr.Petterson I would be in chronic pain everyday..Getting my adjustments regularly also,helps to keep my immune system strong"
    Linda D.