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Chiropractic and heartburn


The spine and the nerves that come out of the spine are similar to the fuse box or breaker box that controls the wiring in your house.  Every nerve level in the spine acts as a circuit breaker.  It controls different things in the body just like each circuit in the house controls different things.  An example of this would be a comparison between the circuit breaker that controls the kitchen and the nerve that controls the stomach.  When the wire leaves the breaker box, it runs to the light switch for the kitchen, to receptacles on the counter, to the receptacle for the fridge, the microwave etc.  When the T6 nerve leaves your spine, part of the nerve goes to your stomach, another part runs across your mid back and controls the feelings across your back, and another part goes to the chest.

If you blow the fuse or trip the breaker in your house, the kitchen lights will not work, the receptacles on the counter will not work, the fridge receptacle will not work.  If you pinch the T6 nerve in your spine, your mid back will hurt, you could have chest pain and you may have heartburn or acid reflux if that part of the T6 nerve is pinched.

There are actually two nerves that control the stomach, one tells the stomach to release acid when food comes in so proper digestion occurs.  The other tells the stomach to stop the release of acid after food moves out of the stomach in to the intestine.  If the nerve that tells the stomach to release acid is pinched there will not be enough stomach acid to digest the food.  The food will not digest properly; it will ferment and produce gas.  Ultimately the remaining acid will kick back up to the upper stomach and esophagus.   Typically this type of heartburn is called acid reflux and occurs several hours after eating.  If the nerve that tells the stomach to stop releasing acid is pinched, there will be too much acid.  This is the type of heart burn that occurs right after eating.  This is also the type of pinched nerve that can cause an ulcer. 

Chiropractic care will get the pressure off the pinched nerve that goes to the stomach, and this will allow the body to release the proper amount of stomach acid so there is no heartburn.  A Chiropractic adjustment to help a pinched nerve going to the stomach would be similar to replacing the fuse or re-setting a tripped breaker that controls the kitchen circuit.

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